Hello, my name is Ronnie and I’m a shopaholic…

This is my advice to help you make ‘logical’ purchases, without paying the price and guilt, in the future.

If you read my last post, then you’ll will know that I have a method, I will go as far as to say a therapy to help me through some of my unreasonable purchases.  I’ve tried a lot of things; deliberately losing my bank card, doing car boots sales; that actually didn’t end up well as I became a mothering cat, guarding my clothes as if they were my newly born kittens.  I even created an eBay account to sell my items and named it “the girl in the green scarf“, you will know what I’m referring to if you’ve watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.  I enjoyed every bit of that film, I’ve watch it more than once, I’ve basically enjoyed watching a woman destroy her life by buying too much shit, over and over.

I’ve been using my method for some years now and I have finally got to a stage in my life where I can honestly say that I am now a reformed “unreasonable shopaholic”, some may find this statement debatable (Mum, stay in your damn corner), but I’ve definitely moved on from the dark years of 2010-2013.

So, back to the method, now is the time to create your inner therapist, I call mine Carmen, but the name, gender and characteristics is really up to you.

The first things “we” discuss is:

  1. “Do I need these?”

Good question to start off with, but if you’re not running and debating whether to buy running trainers, you don’t NEED these!

2. “Where will I wear this?”

Hmm, good question, but if you find yourself thinking way too long without a solid answer, that item is NOT for you.

3. “How many times will I wear this?”

This is important because this will help with “the method” later when you re-evaluate your purchases.  Unless its a major event, i.e Weddings and so on, you should be thinking of wearing your item multiple times.

4. “Do I already own something similar/identical?”

This is a complicated question when it comes to a professional fashionista, to your inner therapist this is just another pair of “black boots”, but to you, this is THE flat sole, black chelsea boot in suede, or, THOSE chunky, block heeled boots with the buckle.  Be sensible, don’t make any rash decisions – sleep on it and refer back to question number 1.

The Method

At this point, you’ve already bought your item(s) and reflecting on whether it was a good purchase or not.  This can be done on old items too; this will help with future buys, and the end amount will help you decide on whether the product was worth it or not.

Get the price of your item, divide it by how many times you’ve worn it,  the total is the price it has cost you to wear your item each time.  I’ll explain again, visually.


These Dr Marten Chelsea boots originally cost £110;  I’ve worn them a lot, lets say 30 times.

The method = £110 ÷ 30= £3.70

Every time I’ve worn these boots, its cost me £3.70, instead of the original £110.  I’ll wear them some more, and they will eventually be paying me.

So, when I wear them 100 times (this sum is definitely in the forseeable future), it will cost me, £1.10 each time I wore them, get it?

This method will be sure to help you realise what style of items you like and what ones you (and your pocket) really LOVE…  Happy shopping!


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