Why Vintage Can Be Better Than New Clothes

vintage clothes

Buying new clothes is fun, but wearing vintage clothes is sentimental and its full of character; it’s simply more than wearing someone’s “old clothes’.

Vintage clothes are made better

When it comes to vintage clothes, the quality is made so much better than clothing nowadays, the fact that this item of clothing has made it this far, (25 years minimum) is proof that they are made better.  Everything is so fast these days with online shopping and its all about getting the product out quickly to make more money, back then, money wasn’t so disposable so if you were spending money on clothes, the item had to be made to last because the money wasn’t there to buy another one.  The end game to buying something new back then was quality over quantity.

The clothing has character

You know when someone says that a crooked tooth shows character, the same applies to vintage clothing.  The clothing has been around for a long time so its not going to be perfect and it will be missing a button or two, but thats what gives the piece character and quirkiness.

It’s unique

When you wear vintage clothing, you have the privilege of knowing that you won’t walk down the street and bump into someone wearing the same dress as you and that makes you stand out from the crowd.  Like I said above, things aren’t to the same quality as they used to be so prints and material are more unique and eye catching.  Treasure that item!

Vintage clothes are timeless

The fact that you’re reaching out for this item that is decades old, proves that vintage clothes are timeless.  The thing with fashion is that it will always repeat itself – in a good way!  I love the fact that styles are repeated but with vintage clothes its repeated with the same look and feel because it was created in those times.

It has a past

Some people may find this odd, but I actually like the fact that the clothing that I’m wearing has so much to tell. It carries the history of what was happening at the time it was made, its way more meaningful that “someone’s old clothes”, its a way of keeping their history and story alive. Wearing vintage clothing is simply being wrapped around with love.

Shirt – Vintage (Mum’s)

Skirt – New Look

Boots – Dr Marten’s

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