The must have £13 Primark Dress

primark dress

Retailing just under £15, this Primark dress will satisfy your Spring/Summer needs so you can be both stylish and on budget.


Primark have really been making the rounds recently with their popular by demand items; the festival ready Prism make up palette, the inflatble unicorns and now (spotted by moi, you’re most welcome) the bardot, pinstripe midi dress at just £13!

I’m sure you guys can relate, many visits to Primark I’ve often found myself in a corner with two baskets deep of stuff, having to decide what it is that I really love, what I don’t really need and completely forgetting what took me there in the first place.

This visit was very different to those times.

I went there with my boyfriend to get some t-shirts for a short trip he was taking so you know, it was all about him, in fact the whole shopping trip was devoted to him so I was hoping this was the last stop and then we could get me to the car!  It’s never any fun shopping for someone else when you’ve had the biggest online shopping blowout over the weekend before and now you have to starve yourself.  I will go right ahead and compare it to being on the Atkin’s diet whilst working in Krispy Kreme Dounuts – painful.

However, when I walked in I noticed they have shaken things up a bit, the tills were moved, creating a better feng shui around the place; they’re here for the people.  I instantly felt more at ease and it opened my third eye, to what is now the best dress in town. This dress delivers on too many aspects:

  •  The pinstripes, I’m here for them all day long.
  • The bardot shoulders. Name me one person who doesn’t like the bardot style?
  • The constrast between the vintage white and the navy pinstripes, its truly a dream of classic and lightheartedness chic.  Where’s the beach?
  • It comes in at the waist (which you know, I love), creating a nice silhouette for all shapes.
  • It’s midi length. Need I say more?

Dress – Primark

Belt – ASOS (similar)

Bag – H&M (similar)

Shoes – Adidas Originals

I paired my dress with some Adidas originals and a basket bag for a casual and summery look.

If you love this dress, you really should be heading to Primark, perhaps yesterday.  What has been your latest must have Primark purchase?

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  1. Love the sleek casual look! Teams well with bad and sneekers! The look can also carry on for work with a nice pair of n handbag

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