New Year, Same Style

new year

Trends will always change, but your style will always represent who you are, with 2017 coming we need to embrace it, this new year and every year.

I am a sucker for new trends, its how we style them that make it unique and I suppose for my last post of 2016 I want to adapt that same method to life.  Its a new year but I will TRY and stay as true to myself as I can, do things my way and keep to a path that only my footprints can be seen in the sand.  Getting older, we experience more which helps us to be comfortable with who we are and not conform to how people think we should.  There’ll be people who can see your best qualities, qualities that you may not have even noticed yet and they will help you embrace them, those are the people you need to make time for, that is one thing I have definitely learnt.

For me, this year hasn’t been great but I can’t lie and say I haven’t felt true moments of clarity; those moments of overwhelming happiness that it affects all your whole being and as soon as you acknowledge it, its gone.  I live for those moments as they are a reminder of how precious our happiness is and my resolution will be to have them more often, as well as get organised – I will get organised!

I was sent this lovely scarf from Saima Majid who owns and designs a self-named brand of luxury and fashionable scarves. Her prints are amazing and display a mix of her rich Pakistani heritage and her love of artistic and romantic visions made with a blend of cashmere and silk to suit any age group.  The scarf that I’m wearing is called “Dita” from the Sirens collection (link below) which represents uniqueness with a fun and sexy feel and I am so honoured that she thought I represented that too – stick with the people who see your best qualities, right?

On that note, I will leave my last post and last day of 2016 on a high, and hope for more highs in 2017.  Have a happy new year, tell your special people that you love them and thank you for reading my posts! 2017, WE’RE coming for you!

Scarf – Saima Majid

Shirt – New Look

Coat – H & M

Jeans – ASOS Curve

Boots (now back in stock) – River Island

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