New Year, New Rules

new year

With a new year comes the same “new me” speeches, this new year I’m happy to stay the old me just with a clearer head and a better perspective.

On Christmas Eve, I was in the nail shop getting my nails “did” and as crazy as my mind was going, I really needed the “me time” and it wasn’t to do with the pampering.  I got given a book called “the psychology of clutter and space clearing” and was told to pick a page at random, whatever the outcome of the page, I would have to put the topic into play in my life.  The page read “a place for everything – organisational strategies” I felt like someone had been plotting this in some way because it was right on so many levels for me, I like to be organised but it’s not in my nature, and to be honest, I KNOW that’s where most of my stress comes from.  My mum always told me that a clearer path, promotes a clearer mind and with age this statement has never rung more true.  It’s a hard job, but this year, Ronnie is gonna do it.

Scarf – H & M (similar)

Roll neck – New Look

Dress – Alice & You

Coat – River Island

Boots – New Look (similar)

The next step from the book read “Start with the hallway”, and I’m sure that someone has planted this trickery, because the hallway is where my damn shoes live.  Now this book wants me to start evicting my shoes? My shoes are what complete me, I always thought a girl can never have too many shoes but now after a week of deep thought, I know that maybe a girl does have too many shoes.  I’ve done half-hearted clear outs in the past, but I know this time its different, and lets not beat around the bush, I’m gonna need new homes for the new shoes that I will definitely buy in the foreseeable future. 

Do you have any plans to do a massive clear out?  Let me know your top tips on how to choose what you don’t need anymore please, I know I will need all the help I can get!

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