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Loopy Knit x Stripes…

As Spring is approaching, I’m really trying to get my use out of all my knits – and my moneys worth!  I have a method, or a self-help therapy, to understand my unreasonable shopping habits that I will explain in another post.  It is totally called for when one (me) has discovered they have gone into their (mine) unarranged overdraft for another pair of “black boots” –  to go with the other five pairs that already blocking the stairs!  Anyway more on that next time, don’t want to give Mummy dearest more ammunition for when my next purchase arrives.

I like to buy items, with the idea that I can wear them to accommodate my mood.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to get dolled up but who really has time for that on a daily basis?  So when I buy my clothes, I like to know if I can wear it casual; hair tied up/homeless with a bare face or dress it up with a few adjustments i.e like brushing my hair with a touch of make up.

I will admit, I’ve been struggling with this loopy knit waistcoat, I’ve only actually worn it about four or five times but today it was what my outfit was missing.  I spoke with my inner therapist, she said that we’re doing okay with this purchase, which is an added bonus!


Ronnie-Sheree Walsh
Loopy knit x Stripes x Mane





Necklace – H & M

Striped shirt – ASOS CURVE

Loopy knitted waistcoat – ASOS

Bodycon dress (underneath) – ASOS

Boots – Dr Marten Chelsea Patent

Watch –  3 tone Michael Kors watch

Bag – Mulberry


Dr Marten Chelsea Boots







Mulberry Bag 2015



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