Leather x Chunky Knits

leather x chunky knits

I’m trying to keep my purchases relevant all year round by breaking my rules, merging all seasonal items together and creating this leather x chunky knits look.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m all about keeping my clothes alive during every season of the year, I mean we spend so much on them so we need to get our moneys worth, right?  I’ve discussed already in the post “the method” about making the right purchases, but now I’m trying to show how we can use those fashionable purchases all year round.

This leather jacket came to me by fluke as I actually wasn’t looking for one at the time, but I’ve literally wanted one in this style since Beyoncé dropped “Beyoncé” on us and rocked THAT gorgeous leather jacket in Walmart for her album launch.. What? I remember the fine details when something is really playing on my mind and that just goes to show that I really wanted it as I’m still hankering over it now. leather x chunky knit

Like most of you, I create fashion faux pas in my mind and I’m instantly put off, but its time to break some of those rules and I’m starting with open toe shoes in the winter.  I’ve always thought it can’t be done, I’m sure it’s probably the thought of cold feet because no one drilled in me but I’ve learnt that I need to stop – along with Lacoste trainers, but they have yet to learn.

Going back to “the method”, I’ve not got my moneys worth out of these because I haven’t worn them enough, costing me around £30 each wear but this rule breaker is about to change all that!

Leather jacket – ASOS

Cross front jumper – Boohoo Plus

Jeans – ASOS Curve

These shoes are discontinued but I’ve found a similar pair – Missguided

I love, love, love the tones of the blood-red and the stone grey together, I think they really compliment each other and I’ll be practicing this more in my coming looks.

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