Jeans: Stylish and Under £15


If you’re all for a bargain then this piece is dedicated to you.  I have found the most stylish and cheapest pair of jeans around at the moment; to say that I’m obsessed is an understatement.

When it comes to jeans, I am very particular and being plus size can sometimes make the task even harder.  Plus size jeans tend to come in that stretchy material that doesn’t even feel like jeans and it just bugs me, if I buy a pair of jeans online and they feel and look like that, they are getting sent back – I’m not even trying them on.

Hemmed and frilled jeans are bang on trend right now and I was on the hunt for a pair, a pair that will satisfy my needs, I searched high and low on the interwebs and that’s when I stumbled across this pair from Very.  I clicked on them, and discovered there was a healthy amount of stock there, impressed by the availability, I did what everyone does, I got distracted and forgot all about my new loves.  For a good month or so, when I got reminded of them, I would add them to my basket or add them to my “wish list” until one day, they were gone.  I couldn’t find them, I was disgusted with myself, with my love of procrastination; it was like the jeans had had enough of me fucking around and they swiped left on me.  I was gutted.

A week or so had went by and I was moping around one Sunday afternoon, still dreaming of those jeans and I just wasn’t ready to let go, I needed them in my life NOW so I searched again.  And again.  Buying things a long the way that I knew would like great with them, that’s how determined I was to find them.  Six tops, a pair of shoes and some accessories later, there they were!  And half the price?  Checked the sizes and nothing was sold out, I was convinced there was a technical glitch; how could they be half the price, have loads of stock and available in two colours?  Learning from my previous mistake, I wasted no time in clicking the complete button, in fact I bought them in both colours for safe measure and because they are the BOMB!  You know what they say about Sundays right?  A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, and on that Sunday I pretty much spoke that inspirational language.

The fit of these jeans are quite accurate but if you like your jeans well fitted, I would suggest going down a size, as they are a little elasticated but not too much.  The length is good and they have them available in a shorter length, which I will probably get for the warmer months too.

Top – Very

Jeans – Very 

Shoes – Public Desire

Bag – Zara

Sunglasses – Ray Ban


Do you like these jeans too?  Leave me comment and let me know what you think.

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