Back down memory lane…

I love a gothic look, its so dark, mysterious and ever so classic.  There is so many ways to achieve a dark and sultry style, whether it be what you wear or just a certain lip colour.  I wanted to get this look on my blog before the sun comes out – if it ever does!


The Gardener’s Arms

Jake and I took a little trip down memory lane to a special spot where we used to go in Loughton, we used to go there all the time when he first started driving nearly eight years ago, God I miss that infamous Saxo.  The view is amazing, it displays a full view of London from up there and its really cool at night time.


Coat – ASOS

Dress – Boohoo Plus

Choker -Boohoo

Leggings – H &M

Boots – River Island

F.Y.I – I’m really loving Boohoo at the moment, I used to shop here ages ago but somehow became obsessed with ASOS and nothing else – if you haven’t noticed.  I will be shopping more at Boohoo as its so cheap, like ridiculously cheap and the clothes are good quality, bang on trend and provide sizes for us fluffy women.



River Island Suede Boots


We stopped off at the local pub, The Gardeners Arms, for a “drinky poo” and to admire the view.  The staff were really welcoming and apparently the food in there is amazing.  If you’re a dog lover like me, theres enough in there to cuddle an army, we even saw a little Jack Russell sitting on a stool waiting to be served – I kid you not.  I wasn’t on the booze as I was driving, so I had a soda water and lime, Jake had a pint of fosters and it came up to £4, so it’s fairly priced.

Boohoo Choker



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  1. The Gardeners Arms sounds like it’s got its prices right. £4.00 for those two drinks? That’s got to be under £3.00 for the beer alone – even if it is Foster’s.

    Someone should volunteer to give me a lift there and wait outside for three or four hours while I test the pub’s hospitality and the staff’s patience to the limit. For my chauffeur the hours will fly by.

    Form a queue now…

  2. Love yr gothic look, you pull it off well! I like the way you change your style! Live the lippy it matches your top!

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