Braidz for dayz!

Expression extension braids

This cornrow style of braids has been around for as long as time and with the help of my lovely sister, I achieved a long hair braided look, for a fraction of the price.

When I graduated last year, I was seeking change to go with the change in my life, and my hair happened to be the first to make the cut, quite literally.  I cut my my long hair off (god rest their little split end souls) for a more “mature” style, but that was only a half hearted approach compared to my blunt lob now.

I’ve always braided my hair, the look is timeless but I wanted a longer length, reminisce on old times and go a few days without brushing my hair – YES.  I discussed with my sister, Carla, what was the best extensions to go for and what was in my budget and to my surprise the hair only cost £2.49.  Yes you read correctly, £2.49!  Lets go back to my method, I wore the hair for 3 days, which costs me a total of £0.83 per time, and I can use it again – winning!

The extensions is a brand called “Expressions”, they have a range of colours and even include two tones and dip dyes that can be bought at most Caribbean and Asian beauty shops.  As my hair is pretty blonde at the moment, I used one tone of blonde which worked perfectly.

glasses 2




pnik robe
ASOS Longline Soft Blazer


Messeca New York Brogues


DSC_0978 (1)
braidz for dayz

Longline Blazer – ASOS CURVE

Ripped Jeans – ASOS CURVE

Forever T-shirt – ASOS

Hoops – New Look

Brogues – Messeca New York

Bangles – River Island

Sunglasses – Primark

Hair – Expressions


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  1. Yah girl your cornrows does look great! Carla is tallented in braiding hair! Love the blazer and brogues! Stepping into spring g8!

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