Metallic Boots: On trend and under £15

metallic boots

Forget those crazy prices and see my high street replica on the latest designer must have metallic boots, for under £15.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m some what a major bargain hunter; after going through my students years literally blowing any money I had on all things fashion – ahh the blogging posts would have been on fire back then. Anyway, I’ve basically tried to become wiser with money because my reckless days are still quite raw.

I first spotted the metallic boots on In The Frow, from Kurt Geiger and I thought they were amazing and even contemplated trying to raise the funds for it.  After coming to my senses and realising that paying £165 for boots I wouldn’t be able to walk wasn’t a good idea, I let the idea go humbly.

Metallic Boots from Kurt Geiger courtesy of Google images


Carvela Boot – Kurt Geiger

Coat – In The Style Curve

Dress – In The Style Curve (sold out)

Tights – New Look

Boots – New Look

Rewind to about two weeks later, and I was in New Look, looking for tights and stumbled across these shiny bad boys and I instantly fell in love, then I saw the price and I fell into that Beyoncé “Dangerously in Love” kind of love.  £14?  14 British pounds for something that will make me all the world happier, this purchase didn’t take much convincing but they were only available in a size 8?

I tried them on, even though they were two sizes too big. I just needed to see myself in them and really decide whether I was overreacting to boots that wasn’t made for me. It was my perfect Cinderella moment, but MY Prince Charming swiftly brought me back to reality with “Yes, they fit, they’re nice but can we go now?”, he is so romantical.

Lesson of the day: sometimes go up a size in pointy shoes, they are waaay more comfortable!

Do you have any fashionable steals for an amazing price?  I would love to know them!

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