Soul Sisters


Three individual, soulful women that I’m listening at the moment, where the theme goes deeper than the music.  Can I introduce you to Solange, H.E.R and ANOHNI.

My music taste is varies, I listen to everything, anyone who knows me knows how odd my playlists get. The music I play, goes with the mood I feel; I’m strong in my emotions, when I’m feeling love, I’ll play loving songs, songs that make you feel gooey inside.  When I’m angry, where’s Kelis at?  Ive been some what criticised for my Elton John favourite, Benny and the Jets – I’m aware its not his best, but I love it.

I’m trying something new, flexing my writing hand a little further and hopefully allowing you, my readers (Mum and Dad, ha!) to get to know me a little more.  Lets get personal!


Solange – A Seat at the Table: Cranes In the Sky

This song is like my life right now, I’ve been playing it non-stop and its still as fresh and enjoyable as the first time.  It’s simple, with just a few instruments along with the vocals and its perfect that way. The way the song artistically flows, lets us know she’s established her footprints and it suits her, this is evident when listening to the rest of the album: “Seat at the Table” my other favourites are “Weary” and “Don’t Touch My Hair”.  Cranes in the sky is classic with a smell of the 70’s with a modern touch, I’m forever in love with this it.


H.E.R – H.E.R Vol 1 – Wait For It

Poetic story-telling with an modern flare. I’m sold when a song tells a story; for those short 3 minutes your imagination runs wild – I love it!  Her style is definitely influenced by the likes of Jill Scott and Floetry, which I’ve only just discovered has Omari Hardwick from Power in the video for “Say Yes” – crazy!  As I stay the social media stalker just like the rest of you, I soon discovered there’s so much mystery behind these vocals, who is she? What is her REAL name? The album cover, mysterious silhouette?  Do search “H.E.R” into google, you’ll be directed to lesbian sites and all kinds of reviews and news articles that has nothing to do with this H.E.R.  There was light at the end of the tunnel amongst the trash comments in YouTube – I know, right?  Our mystery lady goes by the name of Gabi Wilson, and it appears she definitely has a musical background, check H.E.R out!



When you listen to this song, what do you think the lyrics are about? Be honest and no googling.

I heard this song a while back but never got round to shazam’ing it but its just amazing.  It reminds (a little!) of when Boy George collaborated with Mark Ronson for “Somebody to Love Me”, which I was equally obsessed with.  I have a very analytical mind, so I thought these lyrics were of the sexual kind, which is easily done when you mishear the word “guts” for something else that I’d rather not discuss as its way, way out.  If you haven’t got what the lyrics are about, research the lyrics meaning, its so much deeper than what I imagined and when you watch the video with Naomi crying, the album title all really tie in to how HOPELESS a lot of us feel.

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