TLC: No more chasing insecurities


Looking back over the past year, a lot has changed with me and this blog and I’m not mad about it, it’s time to embrace those changes and give them some TLC.

It’s been a while, a very long while, sometimes life’s stresses get in my way and cloud my judgement which has had me doubting the direction of many things. One thing I did want to do when starting this blog, we’ll actually a few things were to: encourage people to wear whatever they feel like, encourage people to eat whatever they feel like, with a few other things in between. Most of all, I wanted to express who I am truthfully, and I’m not 100% sure I’ve been doing that – maybe that’s why there’s been a loss of inspiration to write on here?

The truth is, I’ve attained a bug, a bug called IDGAF (look it up) and I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but for now, I’m going to embrace it. I was getting so caught up in “stuff”, how “stuff” should look, what “stuff” I was writing about and are people bored of my “stuff” now?  It’s literally like I woke up one morning and wondered why I was thinking what other people were thinking? Negatives upon negatives only produce more negatives and jeez, it was keeping me up at night, so I had to gather that “stuff” and throw it in the bin, ¡Adios!

I want this blog, my blog to reflect everything I represent, not what I think everyone thinks it represents.  It’s all getting slightly confusing, I hope I’m making sense; distancing myself from all that in my head wasn’t hurting anyone but myself, I’m done with it and you should too.

Going back to the points I mentioned above, and I’ve had to ask myself a few things:

Do I wear whatever I want? 

To a certain extent, yes I do. Am I always comfortable in what I’m wearing? Not always but I’m getting there.  Since starting this blog, the way I wear clothes has changed, I can’t even bring myself to look at the begin stages of my Instagram without cringing (what the fuck was I doing, seriously?). Back then, there was a lot of picking clothes that I knew would fit, there wasn’t really a risk; it was all very “safe”.  It’s funny that what I thought was “safe” back then, makes me feel so unsafe now – take chances people.

What I want to tell my fluffy friends and friends of all shapes and sizes is to: ditch the leggings and baggy clothing and add more denim, and more buttons, please.

Do I eat whatever I want to eat?

Hmm, this has definitely changed since the begin of this blog.  I would say 83% of the time I’m watching what I eat, but food is supposed to be enjoyed so I always try to pack in as much flavour as I can.  I don’t really find any food boring, I love all the good stuff and the bad; I’ve inherited my Dad’s palette in that sense and the cooking abilities from my Mum, combined is the ultimate foodie.  I ALWAYS eat three meals a day and I cook pretty healthily but I don’t punish myself if Jake’s fried chicken is in the room – you feel me?  I guess it’s all about a balance.

I want for this blog within the next year?


I want to take more pictures, and get more comfortable in front of the camera.  I definitely want to work with more brands, as I feel I’ve really developed more since I’ve started wearing different styles of clothes.


I want to do more food stuff, make some exciting new recipes and learn new cuisines – get back to the basics of my blog.  Every thing I make is self-taught so I would like to get stuck into some cooking classes for sure.

Earrings – Topshop

Pyjama Blouse – ASOS

Rings – Topshop

Jeans – Very

Sunglasses – ASOS

Handbag – Zara

Shoes – ASOS


How do you clear your mind and get yourself positive?

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