9 things to expect on every girls holiday…

I recently travelled on a girls holiday to beautiful Santorini in Greece.  7 of my girlfriends came and we had the most amazing time; every girl should experience it at least once in their lifetime!


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1. Ohana means family and nobody gets left behind;

In my book family is: your blood relatives, friends, pets, shoes, bags… You get my drift.  If your bestie has gone over her luggage allowance, you squeeze those shoes in your suitcase.  When you’ve had no food, sleep and you need urinate but she’s still not entered the damn airport yet, you wait for her – we got you, bo.

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2. Food.  A girls gotta eat…

Now times that by 8.  We all have individual needs,  I can’t eat raw onions because I’ll be on the loo till christmas, Dalvia wants chicken and rice but Erin is a vegetarian but will “occasionally” eat a burger from McDonald’s.  It’s hard god damn work, but you’ll get there, even if that means having pasta, weird looking cheetos and cucumber all on one plate.




If you are not consuming at least one toasty a day, are you even on a girls holiday?  One thing we all did agree on was toasties; garlic butter toasties, ham and cheese toasties, chocolate spread toasties.  Seriously, the possibilities are endless – the bread isn’t though so make sure you stock up!


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4. Girly chit chat


These chit chats go beyond what you’re wearing or and who is dating who.  You will know each others bowel movements, to when she’s expecting her monthly.  When you’re on holiday shit gets deep, be prepared your girls need a rant and maybe a hug – definitely a hug!



If you were thinking you’re going for a “relaxed” holiday, you better leave that thought back home.  Us girls like the thought of relaxing but when we get together, relaxing is letting our hair down and we do it well.  All worries, diets and dry January’s were left at the door.  Looking for Zen? Sorry babes you won’t find that here, that’s just the name of the villa.

Drinks in Santorini

6. Some one will get mad drunk…

Prepare yourself, it could be you.  It happens to the most of us, your judgement isn’t the same on holiday; FYI no, I wasn’t aware that my “jaegar bomb” had no redbull in it, nor did I realise that it was a quadruple shot.  I also did not remember getting out of the pool, I am however still chuckling telling the tale.  Drink wisely, kids.



7. Whats yours is mine and whats mine, is yours.

Sun tan lotion, make-up, perfume, crisps, the list goes on, you will literally share everything and anything. That includes their favourite phrases, but I don’t mind, I’ve mastered how to add “bitch” to the end of every sentence, BITCH.  So much sass!  Sorry mum.



A load of girls means a load of phones, which equally means a load of pictures.  Pictures will become part of group discussions, and it really needs to be taken seriously, you don’t want to piss anyone off.  Make sure EVERYONE is looking on point before you post those selfies.


9. Don’t take the plans too seriously

This is a *major key alert* – if you all agreed to be out the door by 8, add another 30-45 minutes to that.  Theres a handful of girls and limited bathroom space, if you’re the one waiting, be patient, have a cold beverage, take a selfie, take a load off – you know what its like when your winged eyeliner isn’t going right!




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  1. Wow – this is amazing – great read with a lot of truth. Loved every bit of this holiday great blood to sum it all up

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