Hot eye compress with Feel Good Contacts: The Review

hot eye compress

Last year, I bit the bullet and decided to take myself to the opticians as I noticed I was struggling to read long distance, particularly whilst driving.  I would avoid driving at night and it slowly started to affect my confidence in driving altogether.

Once I visited the opticians, it was clear that I needed glasses and along with all the other tests, it was discovered that I have a slight astigmatism which a medical term for not having a perfectly curved cornea (the eyes natural lens) which can often make vision distorted or blurred.  Thankfully mine can be treated with my snazzy glasses, but the whole situation has made realise how important it is to look after our eyes, after all, they do help us capture all the precious moments in life.

Whilst life with glasses is still relatively new, the lovely people at Feel Good Contacts contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the Hot Eye Compress from The Eye Doctor and your girl did not hesitate.  The eye mask specialises in Dry Eye Disease, MGD (Blepharitis) which is doesn’t allow enough oil to enter into the tears and is one of the main causes of dry eye syndrome.  It can also be used for other eye problems such as sore eyes and irritation and is recommended by Dr Hilary, my UK peeps you know!

Feel Good Contacts are one of the leading online retailers for all your eye care needs including prescription lenses, contacts and designer sunglasses for a fraction of the price of many of their competitors, saving their customers up to 50% on their eye care essentials.

Back to the hot eye compress, when ever I’ve used eye masks in the past, they’ve always been cold ones and I only discovered this whilst waiting for the eye mask to heat up in the microwave, although the eye mask can also be heated in the oven too.  The instructions come in stages of 3; firstly heat up the mask and apply to clean eyes, secondly give the eyes a little massage from the moisture produced from the eye mask and thirdly, wipe the eyes with a clean eyelid wipe or a clean tissue.

hot eye compress

Step 1 – Heat up and relax:

Going back to heating up the eye mask in the microwave, not weird at all.  Make sure you heat up the eye mask on the right setting for your microwave, as my microwave is made with a lower watt I heated it for 30 seconds but then became worried and took it out after 20.  The mask was the perfect temperature for me so I think I took it out at the right time, although I did leave it to cool for 1-2 minutes (wait longer if the mask feels too hot for your preference).

I applied the eye mask and ensured my surroundings were relaxed otherwise you won’t feel the full benefits of the mask, this was my favourite part actually; the sensation felt slightly weird at first not uncomfortable at all though, after I had it on for a minute I felt the real benefits.  The mask provides the right amount of heaviness so there was a little bit of pressure which felt nice and the material allowed the mask to stay heated right until the end of the recommended time.  Perfect!


Step 2 – Eye Massage:

When I took the eye mask off, I had blurry vision which in the booklet says is completely normal and went after I massaged the eyes, that’s why the eye massage is an important part of the process as it allows the eyes to also regain vision.  I used the padded finger tips of my middle fingers and created a circle pressure to the tops and bottoms of my eyelids, the natural melted oil from the glands, that is created from the heat of the mask will help this process.


Step 3 – Cleanse:

Once I finished the massage, I then used a clean tissue to wipe away any residue on my eyes.  My eyes felt completely revitalised and I have continued to do this a couple of times a week.  The outer material is removable so you can put it in the washing machine and kept clean again and again.


Overall, I would definitely recommend the hot eye compress mask because not only does it provide the perfect relaxation treatment, it has helped with my headaches and irritated eyes I often encounter from the hair off of my fur babies.  Don’t believe me, try it yourself here.

Have you tried the hot eye compress? Let me know what you thought in the comments






This is a sponsored post, all views are my own.

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