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On Saturday 3rd September, I attended the annual Bloggers Festival at the Conrad St James Hotel, in London hosted by the lovely Scarlett London.bloggers festival

When starting out as a blogger, its vital to attend blogging events as they connect you with Brands and other like-minded bloggers to exchange advice, experiences and just general networking.  I’m still in early days of my blog (6 months this month, yay!) and there’s still so much to get my head around and blog about.  If you’ve just started blogging or if you’ve been blogging for years and haven’t been to an event yet, get yourself to one – I’ll come with you, ha!



This brand was the main reason why I was eager to attend this event, Alflorex Precision Biotics are a food supplement that specialise in taking care of the bad bacteria in your gut that causes stomach discomfort such a bloating, constipation and diarrhoea; all symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome, something I have suffered from for some time now.  My triggers are: raw onion (I can have it cooked), dehydration and going long periods without eating or skipping meals completely.  My symptoms got so bad that I would literally have to plan everything I did around it and I would get paranoid about it flaring up if I was too far from home, which I think made it flare up even more.  Since, I’ve made some lifestyle choices which has made it better such as; eating more healthier, more frequently and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, sounds clichéd but it has definitely worked for me.

What I thought of Alflorex:

I’ve been taking the tablets for close to two weeks now and I can honestly say I have not had a flare up, I had one evening when I felt slight tummy discomfort but it soon went away.  As a sufferer of IBS for many years this product is like a god send and I will definitely be  taking Alflorex as part of my daily routine.  I’ll keep you all up-to-date with how I’m getting on.



7th Heaven:

If you haven’t heard about 7th Heaven, have you been hiding under a rock forever?  I have been using their face mask as far back as my little super drug trips go – which is quite some time.  My friends and I would always pick them up and do little pamper sessions.  7th Heaven have been established for over 30 years and have always been against animal testing, they are known for face masks but have branched out to include, the hands, feet and even hair.  The masks are affordable (typically under £1 per mask) and are available in most supermarkets and drug stores.

What I thought of 7th Heaven:

As stated above, I have been using these masks for years so I think that says a lot about the product.  My favourite are the peel off masks, the “black seaweed peel-off” in particular as they eliminate more dirt and grease, as I have oily skin, this works best for me.




PNY are a technology company that focus on electrical devices from power packs, to adapters and flash drives.  They really do provide all your technology needs and can be bought at mainstream stores such as Curry’s.  The PYN power pack retails at just under £14 and is compatible for all smartphones and tablets, it requires a USB output to charge the device.

What I thought of PNY:

I’m always low on battery, possibly because I browse too much (like the rest of us), but a portable charger was definitely something I needed in my life.  I read the instructions and it stated that the power pack comes pre charged but I decided to put it on charge anyway (which it needed) but it didn’t take long to charge at all.  Once I connected my phone to the power pack, it charged right away, not as fast as a plug-in charger but it definitely did the job. FYI, the rosegold packaging receives five stars!



Natural World: 

Natural World Haircare is a London-based company that concentrate on natural and organic hair products to promote healthy hair.  They have a wide range of products to suit every hair types needs.  If you want to know what range is best for your hair, they provide a cool quiz on their website to help you find the best product.

What I thought of Natural World Haircare:

I used the “Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Oil” as my hair is in quite bad condition due to all of the bleach I’ve used in the past so it suffers from dryness and frizz so this worked perfectly for me, however it is not a short-term fixed, it has to be used consistently to achieve the best results.


Social Superstore:

The Social Superstore allows users to create their own store and place items with direct links to where they bought their items.  Every time some buys an item from their store, the store owner earns money.  The store also allows the user to make it more personal and add their own pictures of the item they have put up, which gives the customer a sense of the users style, which is why its perfect for fashion bloggers.

What I thought of the Social Superstore:

Once you get your head around the navigating, it’s very easy to use and the fact that you can personalise with your own photos makes it more fun.  It’s a great way to find inspiration for your next purchases too.



Opies are a family business that focus on food ingredients, especially in baking. I’m hoping to have food blog post coming up using their products.


The jewellerybox has an upcoming event for their new range of necklaces, be there or be square!


How lovely is this Kim Kardashian inspired rose wall?  I need it in my house, like yesterday!

I’m wearing:

Dress: River Island Plus

Shoes: Office


Go send, is a company that stock up all your overseas purchases and send them altogether at a low price, and also tax free.. Check them out!


Nibbles, provided by The Conrad hotel, which I’ve been told has a delicious food menu!



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