Beyond the clothes: Being a confident plus-size woman

We can feel safe in the knowledge that there are many plus-size models flying the flag for us. In many ways, it feels like a new start, but while there are those high profile people out there doing what they can to empower themselves, what can we do to improve our confidence? Let’s get some confidence tricks.

Take a subjective view

We are encased in our bodies, and we’ve had to live with taunts and jibes throughout our lives. It’s very easy to say that you should look at it from another perspective but it’s not easy for us to step out of our bodies. Instead, we rely on the opinions of others to give us validation. But when you are looking to make bold fashion choices, you don’t need anybody else’s opinion, just yourself! And while there are plenty of options for the plus sized lady, we can still feel that we need some sort of acceptance. Alternatively, look at your wardrobe, and make it you! Still not sure? Purchase a plus size mannequin, dress it up and see how fab you can look! Do we look ugly? Of course, we don’t!

True beauty is about power

We forget about this. We believe the beauty is all about cosmetics and is only skin deep. True beauty is overstated as it is, it’s about that feeling of empowerment. To get confident within ourselves, the day we wake up, look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we look amazing, and we don’t care what anybody else thinks, is the day we become powerful. It’s not all about skirting around colour combinations, styles and so on.

Get inspired, don’t get down!

If you are feeling blue, and you have been feeling like this for some time, you have to ask yourself “am I lacking inspiration in my life?”. Friends can hold a lot of power when it comes to inspiration we absorb, so some times, you can wonder are these people are good for me? You don’t have to start cutting people out of your life, that would be v drastic unless they are incredibly toxic. Instead of focusing on them, focus on yourself. Dig deep and think about what inspires you, stylistically, emotionally and let these become part of you. We can make the big mistake in going for things that are continually on trend, but they soon fall out of favour. To be a confident woman we have to be happy in our own skin, regardless of the clothes we put on. Fashion is always a great way to accentuate ourselves and to highlight our attributes, but if you want to be a confident plus size woman, it goes beyond the clothes.

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  1. Oh what a true write up. From a quite a young age you are placed at the back for school plays(ever seen a chubby Virgin Mary and I use the word chubby because they were a bit more polite back in the days)THEN there is Junior, Secondary school when the adjectives is a bit stronger. The best/worst is yet to come you do something someone don’t like “You are fat” or some fool would just shout you out because they feel like it “Fat b, c, s” or whatever other insulting adjectives they wish to use after the F word (2 adjectives in 1 sentence..not prapaa )
    I say best/worst because you either accept you are a G8 person or let these stupid comment ruin you forever. I hope you all believe in yourselves that U R G8 from inside to carry it through to the outside by dressing to express yourself! Go twirl

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