5 Achievable Life Lessons

life lessons

Life lessons, that are achievable and realistic to ensure that WE have a great year ahead and for the long-term.

Always set goals.

When people hear goals or think about setting goals, they can sometimes get afraid of the commitment of it, or worry about what people may think of them and I’m definitely one of those people.  Setting goals doesn’t have to be long-term; they are motivational, the fact that you’ve got the inspiration to start something new or achieve something that you feel is beneficial to your life, is inspiring in itself.  Be proud of your goals no matter how little or how big, completing a goal always encourages another one.

Let go of forced situations.

If you find yourself trying to force a lifestyle, a relationship, a friendship, a bloody hairstyle, let that shit go, just let it go.  Life is supposed to be lived and if something is exhausting your mind, distracting you from your goals or just evidently making you feel low and upset, be kind to yourself and let it go.  It’s hard, especially if its involves people you care about and love or something you are passionate about, but life isn’t always about always choosing option A and having the perfect ending, there is a whole 24 other characters in the alphabet guys, explore them; think of option A as the warm up to exciting things to come, see it as growth and what you’ve overcome.

Self love.

Without being narcissistic, self love should be encouraged and embraced in order to feel happy.  It’s not taking a thousand selfies a day, it’s not just about being self-centred, it’s about caring about your happiness and the well-being of your body.  This lesson will always get better with time, no matter what age you are but everyone should put it into practice – like yesterday!  It’s so easy to criticise yourself and hate everything you do, but its brave to love yourself, love your flaws; be proud of who you are, there’s no one else doing you right now, but YOU.  When you can love yourself, you can love others a whole lot more

You can’t fix everything…

And that’s okay.  Sometimes trying to fix something, a situation or a person can end up in you breaking yourself and then you have a bunch of broken things, trying to mend more broken things and it just gets messy.  Lets look at it like this, if someone breaks a glass, are you now going to break your glass because they broke theirs?  Look around, if you’re the only one constantly getting cut and you have no glasses left to drink your water from to stay healthy and hydrated, its time to accept your loses whilst you can still win.

Be kind.

Without sounding like your Grandma, be a kind person, it’s so much more rewarding than be an arsehole.  Being an arsehole takes more effort and is a lot more exhausting – trust me, I’ve tried it once or twice and I’m pretty crap at it, then I can’t sleep at night, which means I wake up grumpy, tired and still an arsehole.  It’s not a pretty cycle of life and the world would be such a nicer place if everyone was kind (I’ve been practicing my speech for Miss World, if you didn’t guess).  Seriously, it costs nothing, its effortless but you just feel like a much better person by being pleasant to others.  Be kind, you really can improve someones day.

life lessons

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