What to serve at an event or party

what to serve at a dinner party

Hosting an event or party where people are going to be mingling around the room and talking to another requires snacks and canapés.  You need to make sure everyone has enough food, even if there are no plans for a sit-down dinner or anything like that.  There are so many canapé ideas out there, but you should choose the ones that are both simple and effective because these have broad appeal and don’t take you too long to prepare.  Here are some ideas.

Cheeseboard Sticks

The best cheeses combined with a little fruit gives you one of the best canapés you can ask for at your party or event.  The beauty of this solution is that it’s so simple and so easy to put together.  All you need to do is spend time finding the best cheese to use an deciding which fruits are the best to combine with them.  Grapes and pineapple are common options and the quality of the cheese will take this old classic to a new level.

Chorizo and Prawn Skewers

This twist on a kebab offers people a surf and turf canapé with a taste that takes it’s inspiration from Spain.  The chorizo brings the burst of meaty flavour and the prawn changes the texture and brings something different.  You can finish them off with a smokey spice, such as harissa.

Champagne (& a non-alcoholic alternative)

We can’t forget the drink either.  This is where you really need to offer people something special.  People who attend a lot of these kinds of events will expect champagne because it’s what tends to be given out at fancy and high-class events, so you won’t want to disappoint.  Look at champagne selection by Oddbins and make some purchases.  You’ll also want to stock up on fruit juice for the people who don’t want alcohol.

Mini Chocolate Brownies

You’re going to need something sweet on the night too.  You should try to make sure that you come up with a sweet idea that is appealing across the board because people tend to gravitate towards the sweet treats.  Mini chocolate brownies offer the ideal solution because they’re simple and easy, and lets face it, everyone loves them.

Cheese Straws

Another classic idea that you can put a twist on this cheese straw.  These bready delights are very simple and easy to make, but they’re also really adaptable meaning you can do whatever you like with them.  You might choose to add some different varieties of cheese as well as some pesto.  It’s really up to you what you add.  It’s an old idea but by doing new things with it, you can bring them up to date.

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Serving food and drink at a dinner party is always a challenge because you’re never quite sure how to get it right and what to serve in order to achieve the right response from guests.  But if you keep it simple and serve the kinds of suggestions listed above, you won’t go far wrong.

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